Welcome!! The commodity is sold on WEB in our shop.
Because all a series of operations are defended by the security of thorough, it is possible to buy it at ease.

[How to buy]

- Step 1

First of all, please send hoped item number and item name with mail.
E-mail : here.

 1, You hoped item number and item name
 2, Your address
 3, Your telephone number
 4, Your name

- Step 2

Afterwards, I will inform you of the monetary amount and the carriage of the commodity.
EMS mail of sending out is used.

- Step 3

Please pay the monetary amount. After confirming payment, I will send out the commodity to the specified address.

[Payment method]

1.registered letter for sending money (Please send it to the following address in Japanese yen)

 [Shop name] M-collection
 [Shop address] 1-16-20,Hisamoto,Takatsu-ku,Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa 213-0011 JAPAN
 [Shop phone] +81-44-870-5266

2.Bank transfer (Please give the transfer to the following bank account)

 [Bank name] Mitsubishi-Tokyo-UFJ Bank,Ltd.
 [Bank address] 2-7-1,Marunouchi,Chiyoda-ku,Tokyo,100-8388 JAPAN
 [Bank phone] +81-3-3240-1111
 [Branch name] Tamagawa
 [Branch address] 2-24-5,Tamagawa,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo,158-0094 JAPAN
 [Account number] 0025116
 [Name] Tomoko Takaki(given name-family name)



Please acknowledge being able to do neither the repayment nor returned goods at all though insurance is included in EMS mail.


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